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For those in the baking industry,  Dried Egg Albumen replaces shell egg whites (albumen) in foods as diverse as angel food cakes and high-protein bars, to fish cakes and sausages.

Dried Egg Albumen is an efficient protein, which forms a complex structural support when mixed with other ingredients. As it is heated, it coagulates, creating rigidity in the product. This is called Gel strength, and is a measurement of albumens binding capacity.

When albumen is beaten, its volume increases six-to-eight times. Eventually, it stiffens and forms soft peaks. The air bubbles trapped in the liquid become smaller and the liquid loses its flow properties. The energy transferred to the egg white causes it to coagulate and creates the structure of the whipped egg albumen. Acting as a natural leavener, Dried Egg Albumen is the key ingredient in angel food cake and meringues.

When beaten, Dried Egg Albumen is incorporated into a batter and serves as a structural web. In the oven, the trapped air expands until the egg white coagulates and the structure is fixed.


For The Athlete

Dried Egg Albumen is an excellent natural source of protein which is why it is so highly desired by those looking to build body mass. It contains all the essential amino acids and can be used as a food supplement. Egg Albumen is the most body soluble and highest quality of the protein types. 

Dried Albumen Egg Powder is supplied in 25kg cartons.
Note ; 1kg : 250 egg whites.

To reconstitute: 1kg of egg white powder dissolved in 7 litres of (warm) water = 8 litres of liquid egg white.

Or simply add 2 table spoons (40grams) of powder to your favourite smoothy, blend and drink up.


Detailed nutritional information relating to Dried Albumen Egg Powder is provided below.

Recommended daily intake and analysis can be supplied on request.

Nutrition information per 100 grams
Protein 81.2 Grams
Energy 1,573.9 KiloJoules
Carbohydrates 6.77 Grams
Calories 376.3
Fat - Total 0.4 Grams
Cholesterol 7 Milligrams
Potassium 802


Sodium 1219.5 Milligrams