Specialty Confectionery Fats

"Ideal for use in the manufacture of chocolates and candies."

Our confectionery fat is sourced from Intercontinental Specialty Fats in Malaysia and made from 100% Palm Oil and is 100% GM Free.

It is packed in 25kg cartons with inner PE bag, sold in container lots of 800 cartons totaling 20 tonnes.

The fat is Kosher and Halal approved and is made under strict HACCPP conditions.

Typical Analysis
Free Fatty acid 0.02%
Moisture & Impurities 0.04%
Iodine Value (WIJ's) 50.9
Slip Melting Point 38.0 Deg C
Colour (5¼" Lovidbond cell) Red 1.3
% Solid Fat Content
20 Deg C 57.2
25 Deg C 39.8
30 Deg C 25.5
35 Deg C 12.0
40 Deg C 0.5

Other products available from Intercontinental Specialty Fats are:
Palm Stearin, Palm Kernel Fat, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Kernel Stearin, Palm Kernel Olien, Palm Oil, Cocoa Butter Replacers / Cocoa Butter Equivalents, Neutralised Illipe Butter / Fat.

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