Dried Egg Yolk

Inovatech’s Dried Egg Yolk products replace fresh liquid or shell eggs.

The emulsifying qualities of egg yolk are valued in the manufacture of stable salad dressings and sauces.

Each kilogram of Dried Egg Yolk is the equivalent of 10 dozen (120) egg yolks. To compensate for the water removed from the yolk, an increase of 1250-1300ml of water is necessary. For best results the Dried Egg Yolk should be blended with the other dry ingredients, and the additional water incorporated later.

Note that Egg powders are Kosher and Halal approved.

Dried Egg Yolk Powder is supplied in 20kg units.

The detailed nutritional information relating to Dried Egg Yolk Powder is provided below.

Nutrition information per 100 grams

Protein 33.6 Grams
Energy 3249 KiloJoules
Carbohydrates 2.49 Grams
Calories 657
Sodium 145  Milligrams
Fat Total 55.5 Grams