Dried Egg Powders

Dried Egg Powder is a quality, cost effective alternative to liquid eggs. The main features are to be seen in Performance consistency, storage efficiencies and increased shelf life.

Sourced from leading European manufacturers , we offer three standard products types:

The Dried Egg Albumen is ideal for those wanting additional protein in their diets. It is a natural, highly-concentrated form of protein, and it is convenient – simply mix with milk and consume immediately.

Advantages of Dried Egg Powder to the Baking Industry

Dried Egg Powder offers you a standardised quality of egg ingredient, which insures the consistency of baking performance. It is convenient to use, with an extended shelf life, and no thawing or even refrigeration required. There is no wastage and users find it easy to handle in a practical manner.

Dried Egg Powder is quality assured prior to shipment and has a reduced risk of contamination. No bacterial growth will occur at room temperature, as long as it is kept dry.

Overall, Dried Egg Power offers cost savings, when compared to liquid or frozen egg ingredient options, and requires less than half the storage space.

Which Dried Egg Powder do you require?

If you are unsure which Dried Egg Powder product you may require, the following table will provide some guidance. Or contact LM Wright & Co and we will be able to advise.

Use Egg Albumen Powder Whole Egg Powder Egg Yolk Powder

Baby Foods

Breads & Bagels

Cake Mixes


Chiffon Cakes



Confectionery Non-whipping



Cooked Hams




Danish Pastries






Egg Custards



Egg Nog



Egg Noodles


Fat Replacer



Fish Cakes



Frozen Desserts



Frozen Drinks



Ice Cream


Layer Cakes


Low Cholesterol

Meat Analogues (Soy Products)



Meat and Seafood Binding







Protein / Nutritional Beverages













Salad Dressings

Sauces (such as Hollandaise & Bearnaise)


Scrambled Eggs



Smoked or Processed Meats



Sponge Cakes



Surimi (Imitation Crab Meat)



Sweet Doughs


Yeast Dough